Mozilla Firefox now allows saving web pages as PDF files

Left with only 3.04% market share, Mozilla Firefox is trying to regain some of the good lost fans by announcing “extravagant” features such as continued support for Chrome V2 extensions that Google is trying to remove and saving copies of visited web pages packaged as PDF documents. This functionality could already be achieved by using third-party solutions such as printer emulators that convert the incoming task into a PDF document.

Firefox is one of the few browsers still relevant that does not rely on the Chromium rendering engine. Identified with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, the Chromium engine is offered by Google for free, appearing as a handy solution for any developer interested in promoting their own web browser with minimal expense. Rival Opera, for example, has been using the Chromium engine since 2013, while Mozilla Firefox appears to be a rare exception, with the Quantum rendering engine appearing even more secure than Chromium, with far fewer known security vulnerabilities. Of course, we could say that no respectable hacker group wastes time looking for vulnerabilities in a web browser with 3% market share. Also coming as a plus, Firefox has the distinction of not coming preloaded on any operating system. This means it has managed to achieve its current “success” without any extra help.

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In any case, from now on you can use Firefox version 108 to save any web page directly as a PDF file, ready to archive or send as an email attachment. According to Mozilla, the option comes as a more powerful alternative to simply creating a bookmark, ensuring that the saved page doesn’t disappear or get modified later. The good news is that the PDF technology is versatile enough to also allow the inclusion of links from pages, which will remain viable as long as the site in question is not closed.

Saving web pages in Firefox as PDFs is very easy. Just open the page you want to save and go to the three-dot menu in the toolbar, where you choose the share option and tick PDF.

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