Motorola adds to list of phones getting Android 13 update

Motorola has published since August a list of phones that will receive the Android 13 update. But the initial list was short and lacking in specifics, drawing plenty of criticism from current Motorola phone owners who felt abandoned.

What we did know for sure was only that the US brand has committed to a minimum period in which devices will receive access to guaranteed security updates, and these appear to be planned for the next few years.

Initially, of the Motorola devices released in recent years, only a few were chosen for updates to Android 13, with the manufacturer also leaving room for a “wave two” of updates:

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From the mid-range area, Motorola lists for update to Android 13 devices such as the Moto G5G or Moto G Stylus 5G and the G82, G62, G42 and G32 variants, all released later this year. On the mid-high and flagship models we have the few Edge devices launching in 2022. Currently last year’s Edge 20 series is not on the list.

First wave of devices Motorola confirmed for update to Android 13 included the Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) , Moto G 5G (2022), Edge+ (2022), Edge (2022), Edge 30 Pro, Edge 30, Moto G82 5G, Moto G62 5G, Moto G42 and Moto G32 series.

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In addition to the above, other models include included in the second wave of updates: Razr (2022), Edge 30 Ultra, Edge Plus (2022), Edge 30 Fusion, Edge 30 Neo, Edge (2022), Edge 20 Pro, Edge 20, Edge (2021), Edge 20 Lite, Moto G72, Moto G62 5G and Moto G52.

Unfortunately, there’s no precise timeline mapped out for the delivery of firmware updates this time around either, so the wait could easily extend into the middle of next year.

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