More than 200 kilos of cocaine found in Uruguay on a ship bound for Spain

Uruguayan authorities have located at least 200 kilos of cocaine hidden in three bags located inside a ship passing through the Port of Montevideo with final destination to the Canary Islands, specifically Tenerife, after making another stop in Brazil.

The case has been passed to the Narcotics Prosecutor Monica Ferrero who has ordered the arrest of several of the crew members of the boat to whom statements have been taken around noon this Saturday, according to Telenoche.

The newspaper ‘El Observador’ puts the amount of drugs seized at 200 kilos, as transferred to them by the Prosecutor’s Office, while Telenoche raises the amount to 300 kilos.

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However, Subrayado news has reported that, as far as it has been able to learn, the drug was seized inside a vehicle that arrived empty at the Port of Montevideo and tried to leave the port terminal carrying the narcotic substance, for which the driver has also been arrested.

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