Moldova prevents Russian forces stationed in the separatist Transnistria region from entering other parts of the country

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The authorities of Moldova have prevented this Friday the entry to other areas of the territory to part of the Russian troops stationed in the separatist region of Transnistria.

The country’s Foreign Ministry has indicated that “officers of the so-called operational group of Russian forces, a formation illegally residing on Moldovan territory and violating the status of neutrality, has not been able to enter Moldovan territory.”

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Thus, in a statement, the Government has indicated that “the rotation of forces within the framework of the Russian contingent has been carried out in accordance with the established mechanism to avoid risks and ensure the coordinated movement of personnel.”

It has further indicated that the position of the Moldovan authorities remains that of “resuming the process of withdrawal of Russian troops and ammunition depots located on the territory.”

The Transnistrian region–whose population is mostly Russian and Ukrainian–has come to the fore in recent months because of its ties to the Russian government and its important geostrategic position. Ukrainian authorities have even denounced possible Russian incursions into western Ukraine from Transnistria.

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