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MINTROCKET today confirmed the official name of the studio’s next project, “NAKWON: LAST PARADISE,” with a bran

“NAKWON” is a new project from MINTROCKET, which recently introduced “DAVE THE DIVER” to the acclaim and delight of players and media around the world. “NAKWON” is an ambitious stealth survival game for the zombie apocalypse, set in Seoul, in which players must use their wits to avoid detection, loot items and escape to survive. “NAKWON” is a PvPvE game for up to 16 players and is scheduled for release on PC.

The subtitle “LAST PARADISE” has deep meaning, indicating that “Yeouido” is a limited quarantine zone where survivors are gathered to evade zombies. It is the last region where hope for survival remains. The teaser video with actual gameplay from an early game-build shows different ways to survive in Seoul, a city full of excitement and silence.

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“We wanted to make a true survival game where you have to hide, run away, eat and survive in a world where zombies hunt humans, rather than the other way around,” said game director Jang Kyoung Han. “Development of the game began less than a year ago, but getting feedback from the community is going well

MINTROCKET executive producer Kim Dae-hwon said, “MINTROCKET’s mission is to provide creative, fresh and fun experiences, and we are excited to bring that approach to “NAKWON,” aiming to provide players with a top-quality stealth survival game. “

MINTROCKET simultaneously launched the official Discord and Steam page for “NAKWON.” Players interested in “NAKWON” are encouraged to visit the Steam page for more information and images of the game, and then join Discord to get involved in the community. Meanwhile, in line with its commitment to player-centric development, MINTROCKET plans to hold a pre-alpha open test of “NAKWON” for players later this year.

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