Microsoft reportedly plans to have a sort of “GoldenEye Type Announcements” – That’s Gaming

Microsoft and Bethesda are working on a Starfield showcase and an Xbox showcase is scheduled for June, meaning the platform has several big reveals and announcements planned for the coming months – but that may not be all. Although Microsoft is saving most of its major announcements for the aforementioned showcase, it seems the company is also planning to make some relatively small-scale announcements leading up to the showcase.

That’s according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who said in a recent interview with Xbox On that although Microsoft is saving most of its announcements and updates for the showcase in June, the company also plans to make some announcements before then that will be similar to the announcement of GoldenEye 007 coming out for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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“A lot of our focus right now is on the showcase in June, but news is coming out,” Spencer said (translated by VGC). “Like, you know, like we did with the GoldenEye [aankondiging] did, I’m thinking of, you know, GoldenEye-type announcements.”

Exactly what that will entail remains to be seen, but one would suspect Spencer is referring to announcements of remasters or reissues of previously released titles. Whether that includes older classics like GoldenEye, of course, is anyone’s best guess at the moment, but it seems we may not have to wait too long to find out.

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Before Microsoft’s showcase rolls around in June, the company will have released at least two other big games, Redfall and Minecraft Legends, while Forza Motorsport is also coming out sometime this year.

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