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Microsoft is launching a new Sound Recorder application for Windows 11, with much improved functionality


Sound Recorder, one of the oldest Windows applications, is about to receive a major upgrade, available only to Windows 11 users.

The application that will replace the Voice Recorder solution, already pre-installed with Windows 10/11, has a completely redesigned interface and improved functionality, reminiscent of dedicated audio editing solutions.

Thus, those who will use the new Sound Recorder will be able to watch the audio stream represented in graphic form and save bookmarks on it, which will be restored the next time the video is uploaded. In addition, videos will be allowed to be imported, even if they were not recorded from the beginning with the Sound Recorder application.

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For even more flexibility, the new Sound Recorder application will allow you to select and adjust your microphone without resorting to complicated visits in Windows Settings, or accessing setup menus taken from the old Control Panel.

Furthermore, the recorded recording will be represented in graphical form, just like in a more advanced audio editing application.

However, there is no mention of audio formats in which you can save the recorded video. Although, without loss of quality, the old WAV format is far from ideal in terms of saving space and practical utility. A first step would be to offer the Windows Media Audio format (developed by Microsoft and even more efficient than MP3), allowing you to save files that do not necessarily need reprocessing in a separate application.

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