Microsoft Copilot: New Windows companion is here

Update from October 1st: The Microsoft Copilot will not appear in Germany for the time being. A release is not planned for March 2024. According to Microsoft, the reason for this is stricter competitive conditions in the EU.

Original message from September 21st: Microsoft has just introduced a whole range of new products. In addition to new Surface hardware and the Microsoft update 23H2 (separate articles on both presentations will follow shortly), the main focus was also on artificial intelligence.

The focus of the new announcements was Microsoft Copilot – a new AI-based assistance that replaces the retired Cortana and appears with the update 23H2 for Windows 11.

But there is also a lot going on for Microsoft in the AI ​​area. We have summarized the most important innovations for you.

Microsoft Copilot: Windows AI is here

As already mentioned, the copilot builds on what Cortana half-baked. The AI ​​assistance should find its place in many different Microsoft apps as well as in Windows 11 and can be controlled not only via text, but also via voice input.

Apps that use Copilot include:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Bing Chat
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Examples of how the Copilot can help include reorganizing files or open program windows, combining documents or removing the background in the snipping tool.

The copilot can access all applications, websites and devices and include their content in his answers and solutions.

A complete list of functions and apps that the copilot interacts with can be found in a Microsoft blog post on the topic.

Microsoft also notes that Copilot is not limited to one device, but comes with support for cross-device use – i.e. can be used across multiple devices. For example, you can tell the co-pilot on the computer to find a specific file on the linked smartphone.

The Copilot will be available from September 26th as soon as the new feature update 23H2 has been installed.

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If Copilot for shopping Microsoft manager Divya Kumar describes the new Microsoft Shopping. The feature will appear for Bing and Edge and will help with shopping using AI.

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Microsoft wants to make the added value clear using the example of soccer shoes. The shopping AI suggests products that suit the buyer’s individual skill level, looks for valid discount campaigns and lists pros and cons for individual models. At the end there should be a single recommendation that the AI ​​considers to be the best choice.

Microsoft: Even more AI for Bing and Co.

Microsoft is also continuing to develop its AI functions. The free image AI Bing Image Creator receives an update to the DALL-E 3 model. Images generated with AI should also carry a watermark that shows the logo created with AI contains.

According to Microsoft, the voice bot Bing Chat will better incorporate previous conversations into its answers in the future – although this new feature can also be turned off if desired.

Intel and Amazon also held their big presentations this week:

What do you all mean? Which copilot function are you most looking forward to? Will you use the AI ​​companion after release? What do you think of new tools like Microsoft Shopping, the Image Creator or Bing Chat? For you, does this all represent the next level in our use of computers or is it ultimately just a gimmick? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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