The State of the Online Casino Industry in 2022

What do you think has influenced the vast growth of the online casino industry? Gambling date back to the 1790s and grew steadily with technological advancements. So, if you have wondered aloud what led to the accelerated explosive growth of the online casino market, you are not alone. In 2019, the online casino industry was worth $53 billion globally.
Discover what shaped the online casino industry’s growth through factors such as online gambling history, mobile smartphones, and mobile apps. The rest elements include casino technology, visual reality, and blockchain. Read explanations of these growth catalysts.

Online gambling history

The free trade and processing act between Antigua and Barbuda influenced the online casino history for good. Parties sanctioned that law in 1994 giving the tiny island nation power to legalize internet casinos. Next, Isle of Man followed the trailblazer, and Microgaming, a gaming software leader, moved there. From that period, gamblers started using computers to play online casino games.

Cryptologic entered the scene in 1995 and made the technology for online casinos safe for gamblers by helping to build a virtual casino called the InterCasino, where Players placed real money bets.

Due to InterCasino’s instant success, more investors and bookmakers joined the industry. The number of casinos has grown, and the games, safety, and security had to keep advancing. The big interest and excitement in online casinos, caused software developers to launch more games, multiplayer theme slots, and progressive jackpots.

Following, live dealer games or live casino games were introduced, and nowadays, many gamblers like live dealer games more than Random Number Generator games. Hence, new Online casinos now provide players with live gameplay. The improved features attract more online casino fans, and software makers have not disappointed betting fans. And, so has Mobile been another factor in the popularity of online casinos.

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Mobile smartphones, apps, and the Internet

The next best thing that has revolutionized the online casinos industry is Mobile technology. The creation of mobile smartphones and tablets with advanced functions and the capability to do what desktop computers and laptops do, enlarged the market.

Casino operators are also building casino websites with intuitive designs and making their websites mobile friendly. The player can log on to a gambling website through their smartphones. They can join a casino, fund their account, play a game, and withdraw winnings on their smartphone or tablets. Players also have the same user experience as they would, using a desktop computer.

As if mobile sites and responsive websites are not enough, casino operators deployed native Mobile apps for players. This further intensified the preference of online casinos for gambling online.

Apps allow you to take the casino anywhere you go and place bets 24/7. You have quick access, save time, enjoy your favorite games and bet more to win more, all inside your home. Again, you can do live chats with customer support if you have any issues to solve.

Online casino’s use of technology

Initially, players preferred to go to physical casinos to place bets on table games. As the Internet grew, businesses continued to have digital footprints. Therefore, the catalyst of this growth has remained the Internet. The World Wide Web has made the world small with faster internet connections, and swift transfer of information through social, email, and videos.

Likewise, the best online casino like other eCommerce enterprises promotes its trades by selling its benefits. It continues to attract players through technological innovations and casino bonuses. The gaming experience of players continues to improve due to the advancement of technology. Now, you have better visuals and real-life sound effects. The game changer was the launch of live dealer games.

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This live casino simulated what you will experience in a physical casino. Players who desire to see contestants can feel that physical part of land casinos, by having real-time action in live dealer games. To date, advance in technology enables gamblers globally to socialize with other participants, while playing live casino games from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual Reality

Web design has an impact on the growth of the casino industry. Today, casino websites are intuitive and built with the user in mind. Web developers create designs that attract and keep the casino customer enticed by a site’s game lobby, ease of use, and speed of loading crisp game pictures.

The next thing attracting players is the 3D-animated versions of roulette and poker games. A player can join a live poker room and blackjack tables and interact with contestants.

The Blockchain Technology

This modern digital technology is the next rave of the moment after the explosion of the internet. Players love the use of this technology by casino operators. Some of them have introduced cryptocurrency as a payment option.

They also use paying with cryptocurrency as a marketing ploy, then offer more bonuses to new players that choose to fund their player accounts with Bitcoin. Also, the blockchain allows you to make payments anonymously. You can pay or receive money in a secure and encrypted environment.

Coupled with the use of HTTPS and SSL on casino sites, the blockchain adds a layer of safety for a skeptical gambler. To register in an online casino, a player must fill in personal details and add payment cards. Those that were afraid of identity theft and financial fraud, now release personal data as they know it is safe to do so.

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