Hades 2 Early Access appears 2nd quarter 2024 – That’s Gaming

Hades 2 from Supergiant Games will be released in early access in the second quarter of 2024. It will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store, and details about its release date, system requirements, price and more will be announced closer to launch.

In a new blog post, the developer explained why early access is still so far away. “You may be wondering, why can’t we launch in Early Access right away! The game looked pretty advanced in the first trailer! The answer is that Hades 2 will have at least as much content from day one in Early Access as the original game had when it launched in Early Access on Steam.”

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Although the game will not be complete by default, Supergiant Games still wants to do everything possible to ensure that the sequel will be “worthwhile as soon as you can play it in any way.” Prior to early access, a technical test with a limited number of players will be held to resolve any technical or compatibility issues. This test will contain much less content than the early access release, with more details to be revealed before it goes live.

Finally, as with the first game, Hades 2 will have major updates that expand core content and refine existing systems based on feedback. New characters, story content, deeper relationships and more will be added, with the ending and other “finishing touches” going live with v1.0.

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Of course, Supergiant does not know how long it will take to reach full release, so the focus is on building core content for technical testing and early access.

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