Mel Gibson, in a new spy thriller: when it will appear on the big screens

Mel Gibson stars in a new spy thriller, Agent Agent.

Grant S. Johnson, who previously directed smaller films, “Brother Star” and “Nighthawks,” directs “Agent Game” with a screenplay by Tyler W. Konney and Mike Langer. Gibson will appear on the big screen with his colleagues Jason Isaacs, Dermot Mulroney, Adan Canto, Katie Cassidy, Barkhad Abdi and Annie Ilonzeh.

The action-packed trailer for the film, distributed on YouTube by Saban Films, highlights the tense intrigue of Agent Game. Harris, played by Mulroney, a CIA interrogator, becomes the target of a handover operation after being blamed for an interrogation that went terribly wrong. As the task force brings him in, he begins to question their orders, and Olsen, a senior intelligence officer, forces Harris to find out the truth.

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Mel Gibson, in Agent Game, April 8th

See below the trailer and poster for Agent Game.

Agent Game captures Gibson in the comfort zone of the action movie, with the trailer featuring a lot of explosions and gunfire ready to satisfy fans of the genre. Tensions between the characters seem to increase as loyalties are tested. This means that it could be a thriller full of twists and turns.

“Agent Game” thus brings together Gibson and Isaacs, who previously starred together in Roland Emmerich’s “The Patriot.” Agent Game is currently slated to release in theaters on April 8th.

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The independent film Agent Game was originally announced on March 5, 2021, when it was rumored that Mel Gibson, Dermot Mulroney, Katherine McNamara, Rhys Coiro and Annie Ilonzeh were cast in the project by director Grant S. Johnson and writers Mike Langer and Tyler W. Konney. Soon after, Katie Cassidy, Jason Isaacs, Barkhad Abdi and Adan Canto joined the cast.

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