Meizu returns to the flagship device market with Meizu 20

Meizu was once one of China’s promising smartphone makers. The company was developing phones with specs comparable to those of its competitors, and every now and then it would also introduce an innovation, such as a phone without physical ports. Recently, the company was acquired by Geely, the car manufacturer that also owns Volvo, and now seems to be preparing a comeback with a new flagship model: the Meizu 20.

Meizu 20 won’t be officially launched until spring

The Meizu 20 has not yet been officially unveiled, but the company has confirmed its existence via a promotional video. It’s more like a concept teaser, preparing the audience for a grand launch.

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What we can see in this teaser, however, is that the Meizu 20 will be an extremely curved phone, with a screen that creeps around the edges. It also might not have apparent black edges on the front at all, and probably won’t integrate a camera cutout either. Already, under-screen cameras are nothing new, but few manufacturers are adopting them on flagship phones due to poor capture quality.

We already knew that Meizu was working on a new phone, as it was already listed on GeekBench, even equipped with a flagship chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. But it looks like we’ll have to wait until we find out the full details about it. The launch is not scheduled until next spring.

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It also remains to be seen if Geely will push Meizu phones for better integration with group cars like Volvo and Polestar. They already run Android Automotive, so there’s a foundation on which to create a tighter link between smartphone and car.

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