MB&F’s latest watch is inspired by Porsche -.

MB&F’s latest watch looks very unusual, to say the least. The timepiece has a case that looks like a car dashboard and even has miniature dials that resemble speed dial numbers and current gears embedded in the accessory, but why it contains these design elements, this is because of the inspiration behind the watch itself, which happens to be Porsche.

As mentioned on the watchmaker’s website, we are told that the timepiece is inspired by the Porsche 918 Spyder and the Zagato. The Spyder was looked at for the body of the watch and the Zagato for the double bubble sapphire crystal embedded in it.

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Since this is a premium watch, it costs a pretty penny and clocks in at around £65,000 each.

MB&F's latest watch is inspired by Porsche

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