Mayichi’s Red Bull Gaming Van is already on Spanish roads

Mayichi goes on tour. The popular content creator is taking the lead of the Red Bull Gaming Vana camper that will travel through most of Spain while streamings are made, personalities from different fields are interviewed and innovation within the IRL world is betting on.

To achieve all this, Mayichi is going to move with an incredible van customized by the Galician brand. Vancubic, equipped with every detail: from bed, kitchen to a shower and solar panels. Because this is the key to it all: Mayichi is not only going to be in the van, but he is also going to live there.

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For example, the side of the van can be opened so that. the streamer setup can be seen while in motion.all protected by security glass. To get the most out of each broadcast, the content creator will also have a high-level team thanks to Omen y Sony. The powerful computer from which each streaming will be done is accompanied by the cameras. ZV-E1 y A7CM2 from Sony, so that when you get out of the van you can also record the best possible vlog. In addition, this is accompanied by the microphones. ECM-S2 y ECM-B10as well as monitors Inzone M3 and much more. The idea is that the viewer at home can enjoy the best quality without sacrificing any technical aspect.

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To follow Mayichi’s route live all you have to do is access his official Twitch channel. As for the information of his journey, as well as more features of the Red Bull Gaming Van, you can watch it from this link.

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