Maserati unveils its new ‘race beast’ -.

This year’s Monterey Car Week is full of a lot of exciting and crazy announcements. Amid the pack was a new unveiling from Maserati, which has pulled back the curtain on its all-new ‘racing beast’.

Known as the MCXtrema, this vehicle promises 730 horsepower and is designed exclusively for track racing, as it is not legal on the road. Only 62 units of the car will ever be made, and as for why the car was created in the first place, Maserati wants to surpass the legacy of its own MC12 and open the door to a new era of racing production.

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Davide Grasso, CEO of Maserati, stated, “MCXtrema embodies the sporting spirit typical of Maserati’s DNA, a declaration of a new path for our brand, committed to superior production and able to stand out in the world of luxury engine production with uncompromising performance.”.

There is no mention of price or release date for the MCXtrema.

Maserati unveils its new 'race beast'

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