Marvel’s Dazzler could get its own movie: who wants to direct it

Jerry Maquire director Cameron Crowe has said he would like to direct a Marvel movie based on the X-Men character, Dazzler.

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise built its own universe that helped pave the way for other superhero movies. Before Disney bought the rights to X-Men, Dazzler appeared in a cameo in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Beginning with Phase 4, the MCU began to signal that mutants might return in their own right.

Cameron Crowe already has his eye on a certain character, it seems. He spoke to Rolling Stone, where he revealed that he’s interested in the X-Men character Dazzler, a mutant who has the ability to pick up sound and turn it into lightning bolts, holograms and lasers.

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What the director had to say about a possible film with and about Dazzler

“Making a film like that could be a blast, you can develop the character and all those deep details and also get the spectacle. You can do it,” Cameron Crowe told the aforementioned publication.

The Dazzler character was created by Tom DeFalco and John Romita Jr. after Marvel Comics received an order from Casablanca Records to create a multimedia character. A special animation was suggested, but this quickly turned into a live-action feature film starring Bo Derek. The project was later abandoned due to disagreements.

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Cameron Crowe’s enthusiasm for a film with and about the Dazzler is commendable, but the obscurity of the character hangs heavy, however.

Granted, Marvel has managed in the past to turn totally obscure characters into highly popular ones, but it remains to be seen if the scheme will work this time around, since Dazzler doesn’t exactly seem to be the most interesting or engaging animated character, especially considering the latest theatrical releases of late.

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