Man running the length of Africa robbed at gunpoint -.

Russ Cook, aka The Hardest Geezer on YouTube, has attracted a lot of attention with his challenge to run the length of Africa. He is raising money for two charities and has already toiled across the continent for more than two months.

However, on Day 64, as revealed on Cook’s Twitter, he and his crew were robbed at gunpoint. The YouTuber explained: “Some guys jumped open the side door and demanded everything we got. Desperate cubes with guns pointed. Notoriously bad situation to find yourself at the end of. Good spot of nuisance. Damage control.”

“None of us were killed or injured, he continued. “We didn’t let them march us out of the van. But we did lose a lot of our stuff. Couple of cameras, 2 iphones, all our money, passports + a few other pieces.”

This will not stop Cook from completing the challenge, however, as he works with the police to retrieve his goods while continuing to drive the entire length of Africa.

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Man running the length of Africa robbed at gunpoint

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