Man manages to prise crocodile jaws off his head after being attacked -.

An attack by a saltwater crocodile has left 51-year-old Marcus McGowan with cuts after its jaws clamped on his head.

The attack, which took place at an exclusive resort in Queensland, Australia (because where else would it be?) about 28 km off Haggerstone Island near Cape York. McGowan was bitten from behind and at first thought he had been attacked by a shark.

As he got close, he realized it was a crocodile clamping down on his head, and he managed to keep his jaws open just far enough to get his head out. The crocodile tried again, but McGowan managed to push it away this time and got another bite on his hand.

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It is assumed that the crocodile was a juvenile (or perhaps it was taking some kind of anti-rich attitude, given the resort McGowan was staying at for more than £4,000 a night), because although crocodiles are common in Australia, attacks from them are fewer.

It can be difficult to track a saltwater crocodile, according to Queensland’s environment department, because they travel dozens of kilometers a day. This year, rangers had to shoot a crocodile that attacked a man and ate his dog, and remains of a missing person were discovered inside a huge crocodile.

Best to stay away from Queensland waters then.

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Thank you, BBC.

Man manages to prise crocodile jaws from his head after being attacked

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