Make your life easier with these 15 ways to use ChatGPT in everyday life

Update from April 6th, 2023: We have added a few points for you.

AI technology is as widespread as it has ever been and in the last few months it has also entered the mainstream. This is mainly thanks to artificial intelligence such as Midjourney and ChatGPT.

The latter is now particularly popular, as you can ask the AI ​​various questions in a chat or give her orders that can be translated into text. ChatGPT masters this task with flying colors, because the possibilities are almost endless. We have compiled 14 of them for you here.

Before that, we would like to point out that the statements that ChatGPT gives you are not always 100 percent reliable. If you are unsure, it can sometimes be better to check the facts.

You can find out exactly how ChatGPT works here:

Google must be worried: What is behind the revolutionary AI ChatGPT and how you use it

1. Assistance in everyday life

From day to day it can happen again and again that we are confronted with a situation that we are not familiar with. ChatGPT can help you in such cases.

You have a flat tire and have never changed a tire? Not sure what you can deduct from your taxes? Let ChatGPT guide you step-by-step through the process. This leaves more time for pleasant things.

2. Learn a new hobby

Probably the most creative way to work with ChatGPT is to get creative yourself. If you’ve ever wanted to try a particular hobby, the AI ​​can help you get started.

Keep in mind that you’ll get much better answers if you ask detailed questions. For example, the question “What fish are good for aquariums?” will get a less favorable answer than “What saltwater fish would go best in my 100 liter tank?”

3. Deepen your knowledge

We all have topics that we are already familiar with, whether professionally or privately. If you want to tackle a more complex topic, it is easy for ChatGPT to support you with it.

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If some explanations are unclear, you can simply follow up and have every detail explained to you down to the smallest detail without having to click through various online portals.

4. Fun facts about acclimatization

Dealing with ChatGPT can be a bit unfamiliar, especially at the beginning. To familiarize yourself a bit with how it works, you can simply ask for a few fun facts and play with the level of detail.

So you can see how much a single detail changes the answers of our chat AI.

5. Help with coding

Anyone who likes to write a few lines of code will be happy about AI support. ChatGPT can write you entire applications and then explain them. The more knowledge you already have, the more precise requests you can make. This means that everyone, from beginners to professionals, can benefit from the assistance.

6. Be creative yourself

Even if humanity (still) has a lot ahead of AIs in terms of creativity, you can still take the opportunity to get a little help. From song structures to brush techniques to baking recipes. ChatGPT can give you valuable tips or steer you in the right direction.

The answers of the AI ​​are often anxious to give you further hints on what you should pay attention to in the requested topic. So you can learn a lot even with simple inquiries.

7. Personal Questions

This may be a bit strange for some people, but ChatGPT can also answer questions about psyche or health – of course with restrictions. Of course, the AI ​​can’t give you any tips that are tailored to you, even if more details here are helpful, as always.

While there are some interesting answers waiting for you here, we feel it is important to note that serious questions about mental and physical health should still be handled by people who are knowledgeable in their respective fields. Be it friends and family or doctors and therapists.

8. Write better

No matter what the text is, ChatGPT can proofread it, give you a structure in advance, or make suggestions for improvements. So you can always learn something new.

However, full texts are not highly recommended until now, as one of the biggest tech sites found out firsthand. Colleague Alana tells you what happened here:

9. Have books, films, series or games suggested to you

Who of us hasn’t sat in front of the television or computer for a few minutes and couldn’t decide what exactly to watch, read or play.

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ChatGPT will give you various suggestions if you ask. Of course, a rough direction also helps here for better results. A few ideas for specs would be genres, platforms, ratings, actors, and directors.

10. Make your work easier

If you program professionally, this point is probably already checked for you. But ChatGPT can also be very useful for everyone else. For example, you can have structures for presentations, bachelor theses or newsletters made. Do you need an email template that should sound particularly serious, or do you want to revise your CV? ChatGPT can help you. The possibilities are almost limitless.

11. Have a conversation

Actually chatting with ChatGPT can be a great antidote to boredom. Just try to start typing and see what comes out of it. This can go in strange directions quite quickly, as you can see in the image above. Nevertheless (or maybe because of it) it’s really fun to play around with it.

12. Have messages written to you

If you need help composing messages, ChatGPT is the place to be. Be it work emails or difficult messages to friends or family. If you are at a loss for words, you will find at least one approach or inspiration here.

13. Cooking

ChatGPT can help you throughout the entire cooking process, from the idea to the beautifully arranged plate. You can just ask for healthy recipes, list your ingredients and ask what you can cook with them and so on. Even suggestions for garnishing your AI-powered masterpieces are included if you ask.

14. KI als Think-Tank

We all get stuck in some creative or professional situation where we just don’t have the ideas. ChatGPT can give you different suggestions on all sorts of areas. Party themes, project themes, homework and so on. If that doesn’t give you the right idea, at least you got some inspiration.

15. Self Help

Do you perhaps have personal quirks and quirks that you want to get rid of? Tell ChatGPT your situation and see what advice the AI ​​gives.

Of course, it’s still not a real person. If you have personal problems, you should probably talk to someone. But you don’t have a friend or family member who can help you in every situation.

So use the advice from ChatGPT if you don’t know what to do next.

The chat AI is not yet perfect. There are other promising AI projects as well. The online translator DeepL is one of them. You can find out here whether it can translate better than ChatGPT:

Better than ChatGPT and Google Translate: I only use this free tool for translations

What ideas have we forgotten? How do you use ChatGPT? Has the AI ​​already helped you, or haven’t you used it at all? Write it to us in the comments!

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