Magical anime strategy RPG Affogato releases on Aug. 17 – That’s Gaming

Spiral Up Games is pleased to announce the official release of Affogato on August 17, 2023. The game offers 30 uniquely designed “reverse tower defense” combat stages and a strategic arsenal of different witch cards, in addition to engaging storylines requiring you to hone your barista skills. contains over 10 hours of fun and dynamic gameplay.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of a city of eternal night, Affogato promises a unique gaming experience aesthetically brought to life with stunning anime-like visuals. Step into the captivating story of a sorceress running her cafe and learn the intricate art of coffee making. Form meaningful bonds with diverse customers, enter their minds to defeat their inner demons and strategize battles using a series of unique witch cards. Embrace your destiny and set out to become the sorceress who brings light to Arorua’s eternal night.

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Aldric Chang, CEO of Spiral Up Games, said, “We are excited to finally announce Affogato’s official release date. We can’t wait to see our player community dive into a unique blend of magical storylines, the trials and tribulations of cafe management, and the innovative twist of strategic inverted tower defense combat. We look forward to being welcomed by RPG, strategy and anime enthusiasts around the world.”

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