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On the eve of a new soccer season, Electronic Arts Inc. today released EA SPORTS™ Madden NFL 24 worldwide, featuring game-wide innovations that immerse fans in the most authentic National Football League (NFL) experience to date. Increased control and realism, delivered through gameplay innovations throughout the game on Sony PlayStation®5, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S and PC, allow fans to become an NFL superstar and put their skills to the test. Additionally, for the first time, fans can participate in cross-play* in head-to-head and select online multiplayer modes, competing on PS5™, Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms in Madden NFL.

“Launching Madden NFL goes beyond just a game – it’s a cultural moment in the soccer world, a signal to fans that a new season has begun and it’s time to play,” said Daryl Holt, SVP, EA SPORTS and GM, Tiburon. “With ultra-realistic gameplay, more depth in connected experiences across modes and cross-play functionality, Madden NFL 24 offers more opportunities than ever for soccer fans to play on their own and celebrate their shared passion for the NFL.”

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Fans are already enjoying the heightened gameplay experience through early access, and now everyone can pick up the controllers and discover all that Madden NFL 24 has to offer:

The next evolution of FieldSENSE™ on PS5™, Xbox Series X|S and PC offers more realism on the field through additions and adjustments to thousands of tackle animations, catch sequences and new pass types.

Fundamental improvements in soccer over blocking, ball carrier routing, quarterback decision-making and defensive backs’ behavior provide an authentic challenge on PS5™, Xbox Series X|S and PC versions.

EA SPORTS SAPIEN technology on PS5™, Xbox Series X|S and PC provides a new skeleton for player models built from the ground up, providing a new level of animation fidelity, smoother movement and more realistic bodies.

The favorite Superstar mode returns on PS5™, Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms, with a revamped set of features that begins with the NFL Scouting Combine and continues with weekly mini-games, goals and in-game feedback; the all-new Superstar Showdown allows progression of avatars in a fast-paced 3-on-3 mode while playing with friends.

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Franchise mode features updates on PS5™, Xbox Series X|S and PC versions, including the long-awaited return of Training Camp combined with in-season mini-games, while new commission tools, draft generators and expanded trading slots give players more control over their NFL franchise.

In Madden Ultimate Team™, a new user flow and streamlined experience helps players navigate seven full seasons of content – the first of which is already underway. Madden NFL 24 Mobile Football returns for its 10th season with an authentic and immersive NFL experience accessible anywhere, anytime. Players are treated to an array of enhancements, including the return of playbooks and unlockable NFL coaches, and a series of visual design improvements specifically for mobile. Download Madden NFL 24 Mobile Football now from the Apple App Store® or the Google Play™ Store.

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