LVP and Riot Games present the 20 teams that will make up the League of Legends Regional Leagues in Latin America

LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO) and Riot Games have presented the 20 professional League of Legends teams that will make up the North Regional League and the South Regional League of Latin America.two new supranational competitions that bring together the best representatives from the region and that will from 2024 will serve as a gateway to the LLA.the most important league on the continent.

The ten teams that will make up the Northern Regional League, which will start on May 27, are Bandits Gaming, Descuydado Esports, Janus Esports, Osaka, Pirate Dream and Tomorrow Esports, in addition to the champions of the last edition of the national leagues in the area: Fuego, champion of Colombia; Waia Snikt, champion of Ecuador; Saprissa Esports, champion of Central America and the Caribbean; and Peek Gaming, champion of Mexico.

As for the South Flow Regional League, which will kick off on June 1, LVP and Riot Games confirmed the presence of Ebro Gaming, Globant Emerald Team, Malvinas Gaming, Undead BK, Wap Esports, Primate, Furious Gaming and Meta Gaming. Meanwhile, Spectacled Bears, champion of Peru, and Eclipse Gaming, champion of Chile, had already secured their presence through sports.

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The teams have been selected through an open process, where from the applications received, their sports, economic and communication projects have been analyzed, as well as their track record in different esports competitions..

Regional Leagues respond to some of the historical requests of the League of Legends community in Latin America. and will improve the competitive level of the region, give greater stability to the ecosystem for brands and fans, generate new stories between teams and communities and, ultimately, weave a more solid and enduring industry over time.

The launch of the Regional Leagues is an essential step to consolidate the League of Legends scene in Latin America. We thank the teams that have joined this adventure, we are convinced that together we will be able to create a reference competition for the community.

Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP

We are excited to present the teams that will be participating in the Regional Leagues, these will be the protagonists of the narrative about the competitive scene that continues to be built in the region and that we hope to consolidate more and more as the platform that drives new talents.

Eduardo Cazares, Esports Product Manager at Riot Games

The South Regional Flow League will be played every Thursday, Friday, as well as some Saturdays and can be followed on the LVP South Twitch channel; while the North Regional League will be played on Sundays and Mondays, as well as some Saturdays broadcast through the LVP North Twitch channel.

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