Lush teams up with The Super Mario Bros. Movie for limited line of cosmetic products

When we think of Mario, no doubt we all immediately think of his skincare and beauty regimen. Say what you will about his plumbing techniques, Nintendo’s most iconic character has managed to avert the cruel hand of aging for the past 40 years, and as for how he did it, a recent collaboration between cosmetics brand Lush and The Super Mario Bros. Movie gives us an idea of what kind of skin care products residents of the Mushroom Kingdom use.

The collaboration between Lush, Nintendo and Illumination was made to celebrate the release of the movie and means that Nintendo fans can now buy a range of themed skin and body care items, such as Gold Coin soap, a Question Block 2-in-1 bath bomb, Mario or Luigi shower gel, Princess Peach or Bowser shower jelly, or even some Princess Peach body spray.

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Each product ranges from £5 to £30, and you can pick up a few on Lush’s website here.

Catch The Super Mario Bros. Movie in theaters on April 5.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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