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Streamlabs, a leading provider of live streaming tools and a brand of Logitech, is expanding its Streamlabs Ultra subscription offerings with Podcast Editor. This new tool adds podcast editing to the already robust offerings of the popular streaming platform. In doing so, Streamlabs not only enhances the experience for content creators but also offers them the opportunity to tap into a new revenue stream and further improve interaction.

Podcast Editor allows content creators to quickly record and edit their video and audio content with simple text-based editing, automatically generated transcripts and customization tools. This allows them to easily share and promote their content on various platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, as well as customize clips, add images, and subtitle and translate their video content in real time.

Because content creators can use the tools – supported by AI – to automatically identify highlights in clips and remove stop words such as “euh” and “um” and weird pauses in an instant, they save hours of editing time.

With as many as 464.7 million listeners worldwide, podcasts continue to grow exponentially. As such, the Streamlabs Podcast Editor comes at just the right time. Especially as more and more people choose to listen to their favorite content and talk show-type formats are gaining popularity for streaming. According to Stream Hatchet figures, “Just Chatting” is the most popular Twitch category, with more than 826 million hours watched in Q1 2023. This new tool is a gamechanger for live streamers who want to easily upload and share entertaining and informative content with their community while earning some money from their hobby.

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Creators can edit up to one hour of content per month absolutely free. With Streamlabs Ultra, 40 hours of content can be managed through the software. Additionally, they get access to the Podcast Editor as well as premium features available for Streamlabs Desktop, the Streamlabs Web Suite, Streamlabs Mobile, Talk Studio Pro, Video Editor Pro and Cross Clip Pro. In short, a holistic suite of products under one service that helps streamers stream, record, brand, edit and share short and long-form content.

Designed to meet the needs of content creators looking to grow further, Streamlabs Ultra contributes to the growth and evolution of content and streamers’ reach and revenue stream. For example, popular gamer and Twitch streamer QTCinderella managed to grow her Twitch subscribers to nearly 1 million in 5 years with the Streamlabs product suite. “If you’re not posting on other platforms, you’re throwing up your own glasses,” says QTCinderella. “Whether it’s Podcast Editor, Multistreaming or Cross Clip, Streamlabs’ tools help you improve your content and streamline your workflow. Don’t miss out on opportunities for growth by limiting yourself to one platform.”

“With groundbreaking product experiences, Logitech G helps gamers and creators unlock their potential. Streamlabs now extends this philosophy further into the booming gaming world that truly exploded during the pandemic,” said Vincent Borel, Head of PC Gaming & Creators at Logitech G. “With the addition of Podcast Editor, Streamlabs offers creators the most robust package to reach their audience wherever they are. This allows them to focus on what they love most: content creation, streaming and interacting with their audience.”

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With Streamers and other creators on Streamlabs earning more than €1 billion in tips, content creation has long since ceased to be a side job. The world’s biggest beauty, gaming and lifestyle streamers have made it a real career over the years. To give them and other creators the flexibility needed to move with ever-changing media consumption, they need the right tools.

Legendary comedy creators Rhett & Link, best known as the presenters of Good Mythical Morning and other long-running YouTube shows, encourage both novice and established content creators of varying audience sizes to add Podcast Editor to their arsenal.

“We wish the Streamlabs Podcast Editor and Talk Studio tools had already existed when we started as content creators. That would have saved us a lot of time and tedious work,” says the duo. “Perhaps then we could have moved faster from Rhett’s father-in-law’s basement. Although the big pipe that hung over our heads and made a loud noise when someone flushed the toilet certainly added some flair to our livestreams.”

With Streamlabs’ experience in establishing revenue models, building brands and creating tools to interact with audiences, the company is eager to provide users with a robust suite of tools to extend their reach and reach and engage their audiences across platforms.

Users can subscribe to Streamlabs Ultra to take advantage of Podcast Editor’s premium benefits or access the free version here.

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