Logitech G announces G502 X in three variants, the next generation of one of the most popular gaming headsets

Logitech doesn’t seem ready yet to talk in an official way about its new handheld console, but it has announced a new high-end gaming mouse in three variants. The G502 X is the new variant of one of the world’s best-selling PC gaming products, the G502 mouse, which is being released out of the box in wireless, light and wired variants. Of course, the new generation uses the company’s latest technologies, such as the Lightspeed connectivity standard.

The G502 X comes in a wired and two wireless variants

Gamers have always loved the original G502 mainly because of its ergonomic shape, but also the extra features it offers. The new Logitech G502 X retains all of these advantages and introduces them in a slightly improved form factor, but the biggest changes come on the inside. For example, all three G502 X models use the new Lightforce opto-mechanical switches, which combine a laser beam and mechanical movement to ensure an extremely short press response time. What’s more, these switches should be more durable over time. Logitech says Lightforce offers a 68% improved response time.

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g502 x plus side

The G502 X retains buttons for quickly changing the resolution of the Hero 25K sensor, depending on the profiles already set. These are still placed next to the left click button, just like in the past. The DPI-shift button is now smarter. It comes with a magnetic outer button that can be oriented in two directions, depending on how it’s most comfortable for the user to press, outward or inward, and the mouse also comes with the ability to cover this button if its presence bothers you.

The differences between the three models are pretty straightforward. The first is the wired G502 X, a standard model with the same internals as the others. The G502 X Lightspeed is the wireless model that integrates the USB-C jack for charging and promises up to 120 hours of use using the internal battery. Finally the G502 X Plus is the top model, which also includes 8 RGB LEDs for advanced light gaming via Lightsync technology.

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Pricing is similar to previous generations

As with the previous generation, the wireless G502 X models are compatible with the Powerplay mousepad, which can charge the internal battery during use. New, however, is the USB receiver, which now allows two connections via the Device Pairing Tool in the G Hub app, so you can have a mouse and keyboard on one port, both wireless. The compatible keyboards are the G915, G915 TLK and G715.

The new Logitech G502 X muse variants are released in Romania from September at prices of 384 lei for the wired variant, 675 lei for the wireless variant and 774 lei for the Plus variant. All models are available in black and white.

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