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Lilith Games, a world-renowned developer of mobile games, celebrated its 10th anniversary today, May 10, 2023. Recognized worldwide as a creator of high-quality, engaging mobile games, including Rise of Kingdoms, Dislyte and AFK Arena, among others. Lilith Games titles are played by more than 150 million players worldwide.

To mark the occasion, Lilith Games has released a company documentary featuring real players who reveal the hugely positive impact the developer’s games have had on their lives. Featuring fans like Frank from Cameroon, former professional baseball player Ryosuke Hirata, AFK and Dislyte YouTubers Volkin and DaddyF2P, and two couples who met through releases from Lilith Games before getting married in real life, the deeply moving film shows how passionate the Lilith Games are. community is – online or off.

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The documentary also reminds us that no matter what happens in the world, you can always find comfort in a video game. Whether making friendships for life in a fantasy world in Call of Dragons or working together to take out enemies on the battlefield in Warpath, Lilith Games upholds its core values of simplicity and authenticity to unite players.

“It’s been a great decade of Lilith Games, and in that time I’ve enjoyed a solid mix of stories from players around the world, and they always touch me so much. They made me feel that games are not only meant to be played, but also have a meaning beyond themselves,” said Kenny Wang, CEO of Lilith Games. “Therefore, at this stage of Lilith Games’ 10th anniversary, I want to record all those real stories from players around the world through a very sincere way, a documentary – to share this unique key about the meaning of games.”

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Lilith Games looks forward to continued success and growth in the coming years and is grateful for the support of its players and partners. The company will continue to create games that bring joy and positivity to players around the world and is committed to fostering a strong gaming community. As the company’s motto suggests, “Go beyond expectations.”

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