Lidl brings one of Parkside’s most attractive cordless tools ever

Lidl is coming this week with new Parkside brand tools and implements, and among them is a standout model.

A cordless screwdriver, the Parkside Rapidfire 2.2, will be available for £100. The device attracts attention with its unique bit storage and changing system. The bits are stored in a plastic drum included in the device and can be changed quickly.

The revolver screwdriver can hold 9 bits in the drum. An additional 5 bits are included in the package, along with a 5 cm long metal extension, a pouch/strap cover and the 1.5 meter long charging cable.

Choosing the right bit is done by pulling the screwdriver head and turning the drum. After the mechanism is locked in place, the user can use the screwdriver.

The device also includes a button for changing the direction of rotation and, at the top, an area with three LEDs (green, yellow, red) indicating the battery level. There is also a work light on the front.

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The Parkside screwdriver includes a 4V 2Ah battery. The product will arrive in Lidl stores on Thursday 16 February and will be guaranteed for 3 years.

The video below shows the screwdriver in detail:


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