LG unveils the next iteration of the Bon Voyage at CES 2024 -.

CES 2024 is just around the corner. The major technology event is scheduled to kick off next week, and when it does, we are eagerly looking forward to a lot of exciting tech news in all areas of the industry.

LG has already confirmed a few new products it will present at the show, including an improved version of its mobile living space, the Bon Voyage. This improved take on the product will be larger, about the size of a camping trailer, and will be able to be equipped with an array of gadgets and products, such as a bed, refrigerator, electric stove, water purifier, styler and even a shoe care system.

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LG unveils next iteration of the Bon Voyage at CES 2024

LG has also promised to bring the CineBeam Qube projector, the Gram Fold, the XBoom, DukeBox and Duobo coffee maker to CES, so expect to hear more about those gadgets next week as well.

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