LG to equip future generations of cars with discrete audio speakers that can be hidden in any surface

Called the Thin Actuator Sound Solution, the technology delivered by LG’s Display arm was originally developed to allow audio playback directly through the screen of ultra-thin TVs, but lends itself to other applications where space doesn’t allow the accommodation of conventional audio speakers.

Measuring 150 x 90 mm and only 2.5mm thick, LG’s product is both more compact, lighter and cheaper to manufacture than conventional solutions. For example, compact audio speakers were previously made with neodynium magnets, a relatively expensive material.

At least ten times thinner than conventional alternatives, the speakers supplied by LG can be integrated with almost any functional element in the car’s interior, from the entertainment console screen and dashboard to the door panels and upholstered roof. For example, car manufacturers will be able to integrate the audio system without the need for dedicated acoustic enclosures in the interior design stage. Furthermore, the number of speakers installed will be much easier to vary, depending on the trim level chosen by the buyer. For example, you could have stereo sound in the base trim, up to surround sound in the top trim. In fact, you could even ‘purchase’ the option for surround sound playback after the car has already been delivered to you, by paying for the unlock of this already included feature at minimal extra cost on the manufacturing side.

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Speakers with Thin Actuator Sound technology will be available to interested car manufacturers from the first half of 2023.

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