LG Display to greenlight cheap OLED monitors for PCs and laptops

According to industry sources, LG Display is confident that OLED technology is now mature enough to compete with LCD in terms of price as well. Thus, the world’s largest OLED display manufacturer is about to diversify its portfolio, which has so far focused more on OLED TVs in the luxury range, to include smaller and cheaper OLED displays for PC monitors and laptop systems.

Although there are already some OLED PC monitors on the market, the offer is limited to solutions above 30 inches and OLED TVs converted “on paper” into gaming monitors. All at prohibitive prices. In addition, those who have ventured into such products have also quickly discovered the reason why display manufacturers shy away from offering OLED solutions for the PC. Unlike video content usually played on a TV, the content displayed on a PC monitor is much less dynamic, with static elements such as the Windows desktop and the HUD of your favourite game quickly causing burn-in, leaving permanent “shadows” on the OLED screen. Manifested early enough, this problem can lead to very costly warranty replacements for the manufacturer, adding to the already high manufacturing costs.

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But according to disclosures on the OLED-info.com website, citing industry sources in China, LG Display has reportedly decided to make up for the declining demand for TV screens by focusing its efforts on manufacturing smaller diagonal OLED screens suitable for use with PC monitors and laptop systems. The first such screen, a 27-inch W-OLED solution, will enter mass production by the end of October and will be fitted to PC monitors ready for launch in Q1-2023. LG is also preparing a 32″ W-OLED solution to compete at a much more competitive price with the 31.5″ (J-OLED) solutions found on the current generation of gaming monitors.

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