Less reason to upgrade: Samsung brings new software features to all Galaxy Z Fold and Flip generations

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has come with a number of improvements, but none of them fundamental, that will significantly change the experience of using the devices on this format. The biggest change was a software one, which adds a dock at the bottom of the screen where you can quickly access the eight most commonly used apps, and now Samsung is adding these new features to the older Fold models as well. So those who already have such a phone have less reason to upgrade to the new generation.

The first models to get the new OneUI 4.1.1 with taskbar and improved CoverScreen are the Fold3 and Flip3

Samsug has already started rolling out the update to OneUI 4.1.1, based on Android 12L on the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. The two 2021 models are similar in terms of design to the newer variants, while the only major hardware differences are the Snapdragon 888-generation processors and more modestly performing cameras. So those who haven’t yet decided to upgrade to the new Fold4 and Flip4, benefit from the same new software capabilities, such as the taskbar at the bottom, new multitasking gestures and Quick Shot mode for photos on the Flip. Also, all the new capabilities on the Cover screen, also appear on the Flip3.

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Fortunately, these aren’t the only models getting this update. Samsung is offering the update on the generation “3” first, but the company has confirmed that Android 12L will also roll out to the Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy Z Flip, and Flip 5G, as well as the original Galaxy Fold, released in 2019. However, we don’t have a timeline for the release of this update on Samsung’s older Fold variants.

In addition to the phones, the Galaxy Watch4, Watch 3, and Watch Active 2 series watches will also get the update to OneUI 4.5. However, only the Watch4 will get all the new software capabilities found on the Watch5 series. The older models are based on Tizen, not WearOS, so they’ll only get certain improvements, such as new dial designs and snooze detection in sleep monitoring mode.

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