Lenovo shows wireless keyboard and mouse set with theoretically infinite battery life

In theory, this prototype set can last indefinitely without a socket or a new battery – at least if there is enough sun shining and you have the nerve to turn on the dynamo regularly (source: Lenovo)

The CES 2024 (Consumer Electronic Show) has begun and Lenovo announced all sorts of new products. This also includes a so-called proof-of-concept (i.e. a kind of prototype) in the form of a mouse and keyboard.

This is a set that is intended to use mechanical kinetic energy and solar radiation to achieve unlimited rechargeability.

Unlimited power for mouse and keyboard?

At least that's what the manufacturer Lenovo claims in its press release from January 9, 2024. According to the text, you never have to charge the mouse and keyboard because the devices use your mechanical kinetic energy (built-in dynamo) and sunlight (solar panel on the keyboard) to recharge the battery.

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However, the question arises as to how practical this solar panel is on the keyboard. Is there enough sunlight in the middle of the room or does it mean regular mechanical charging? This still needs to be sufficiently tested.

This video provides an initial assessment. You can simply charge the mouse using a dynamo, similar to crank flashlights. At least that's what it looks like in the video:

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Apparently one minute of shooting time is enough to last 30 minutes Mouse time to reach. With the keyboard it doesn't get quite as specific. However, the video suggests that you can turn a wheel in the upper left corner and thus recover energy.

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The information is scarce – but it's still a funny idea

Unfortunately, neither the news nor the video goes into more detail about how much time and energy you really have to put into the product. Nevertheless, the basic idea behind it is not wrong.

Saving energy or reusing it sensibly will be our way into the future – so why not with the mouse and keyboard too.

The keyboard and mouse are each available in Bluetooth or 2.4G connection modes. In addition, according to Lenovo, both products are ergonomically built. It is unclear whether the set will overcome prototype status or simply remain a show object.

What do you think about such a concept? Would you buy mice and keyboards like this? How practical do you think such devices really are? Would you like to use the dynamo every few hours or would you rather just plug it in? Or could this crank also become a kind of office toy to combat stress? Feel free to write your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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