Lego launches one-meter-high crane next month –

Some Lego sets are absolutely huge. The Lego Super Star Destroyer used to be the behemoth that all kids wanted (yes, I speak from experience), and nowadays there are a whole range of mega-sets, including the Titanic, the Millennium Falcon, the Eiffel Tower, Hogwarts Castle, an AT-AT, the Hulkbuster suit and a collection of cars. Lego is expanding its lineup of complex and megasets next month with a working crane that stands one meter tall.

Known as the Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000, this set covers 2,883 pieces, is 100 cm high, 110 cm long and is 28 cm wide. Needless to say, you must have some serious empty space if you plan to build and display this mega-model.

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As for what the crane set can do, it has tank control, rotating turntable, luffing jib, winch, load-sensing functions and 24 unique weight elements to serve as counterweights. It also has powered motors and smart hubs that allow you to actually bring the set to life with 12 (!) AA batteries.

Given the size and scale of this set, you’d be right to assume it’s rather pricey, as the crane is set to retail for £579.99 / €679.99, with the crane debuting on August 1, 2023.

Lego launches one-meter-high crane next month

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