Leg lengthening surgery is becoming more common in men –

A new report has come out to reveal that the latest fad surgery to hit men revolves around leg lengthening, especially in shorter men. It says that this surgery, which costs thousands of dollars and was previously used to treat skeletal dysplasia, bone growth problems and bone length discrepancies, is now increasingly being used to increase the height of shorter men.

As noted in a report by Sky News, the procedure is a gradual process in which the bones and soft tissue around them steadily increase in length, and while it takes months of recovery to overcome the surgery, Dr. Shahab Mahbouian of the Height Lengthening Institute in California states that he has performed nearly double the number of surgeries this year than three years ago.

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Would leg lengthening surgery be something you would consider or do you think this is another strange fad?

Leg-lengthening surgery increasingly common among men
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