Ledger unveils an extension to connect to DApps

Ledger now offers a browser extension allowing to connect a Nano X wallet “directly” to the decentralized applications.

On Thursday, the tricolor unicorn Ledger announced the beta launch of “ Ledger Extension “.

According to a blog post, the solution offers owners the ability to Ledger Nano X to connect easily from a Safari browser to DApps or NFT marketplaces, have a overview of operations before signing transactions or receiving alerts in case of security problems.

The Ledger extension solves one of the biggest problems in Web3 today: connectivity. It makes interacting with applications and platforms easier and faster than ever, while remaining secure. Too often, our industry has sacrificed security or accessibility. Ledger corrects that. It’s a real step forward for Web3″, trumpeted Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger.

According to the announcement, the feature, compatible for now with the Ethereum and Polygon networks (with more to come including Solana), will also be available to owners of Nano S Plus and Stax, the latest product from the world’s number 1 hardware wallet.

Finally, we learn that the users of Chrome or Brave will also soon be able to use Ledger Extension.

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