LEC Winter Season: Playoffs Results and Roundup – League of Legends

It was the final week of the 2023 LEC Winter Split, and teams battled it out for a chance at the title. There were many exciting series, and MAD Lions made a great run to the finals, but were knocked down by a title-winning G2 Esports roster.

Lower Bracket Semifinals


Game 1: MAD win

MAD: K’Sante; Elise; Zoe; Sivir; Karma
SK: Knoes; Gragas; Jayce; Varus; Soraka

MAD’s laners were solo killing their counterparts on the upper half of the map, and MAD played team fights a lot better and had better macro play. MAD got a Mountain Soul, and converted it to Baron to push for the win.

Game 2: SK win

SK: Knoes; Sejuani; Akali; Zeri; Lulu
MAD: K’Sante; Vi; Kassadin; Lucian; Nami

MAD had an early lead bot, while SK had a lead top. In the middle of the late game, Sertuss was monstrous in team fights, and Exakick and Doss turned it around when SK beat MAD.

Game 3: MAD win

MAD: Jayce; Vi; Gragas; Draven; Nautilus
SK: Ornn; Wukong; Azir; Lucian; Nami

MAD came alive and won every job, mostly through bot. Carzzy and Hylissang and Chasy had a crazy game and built insurmountable leads.

Game 4: SK win

SK: Sion; Elise; Azir; Aphelios; Lulu
MAD: K’Sante; Gragas; Marleen; Lucian; Nami

SK coordinated well around the map and the bot lane was very back and forth and volatile. Exakick was monstrous in the late game and carried SK through some tough team battles.

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Game 5: MAD win

MAD: Jayce; Elise; Gragas; Tristana; Rell
SK: Renekton; Sejuani; Zoe; Lucian; Nami

Chasy built a huge early lead and bot was back and forth and bloody. Elyoya played proactively and Nisqy also played a great game. In the mid-late game, MAD was able to take down SK with the pressure built up from their leads in lane.

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Lower Bracket Finale


Game 1: KOI win

KOI: K’Sante; Elise; Tristana; Kalista; Leona
MAD: Sion; Gragas; Yasuo; Varus; Karma

All lanes were in KOI’s favor because of some great picks and early skirmishes. Larssen went off on Tristana, thank God, and after some frantic base defense, KOI finally closed out the match.

Game 2: MAD win

MAD: Jayce; Vi; Gragas; Aphelios; Dorsen
KOI: Ornn; Wukong; Sylas; Varus; Heimerdinger

KOI’s botlane had a great game and built a solid lead, but this was matched by Elyoya and Chasy. Chasy kept MAD alive in a bloody and even mid-late game, and eventually MAD outclassed KOI and began winning team battles consistently.

Game 3: MAD win

KOI: K’Sante; Elise; Tristana; Varus; Janna
MAD: Knoes; Sejuani; Sylas; Aphelios; Rell

Early bot and mid leads for KOI, countered by a top lead for MAD. In teamfights, MAD’s deathball comp had more impact and Carzzy really stepped up. A huge Gnar ult from Chasy sealed the winning teamfight.

Game 4: MAD win

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KOI: Knoes; Xin Zhao; Azir; Ezreal; Karma
MAD: Irelia; Vi; Gragas; Aphelios; Nautilus

MAD won every lane early on, with a huge lead for Chasy. KOI was able to find mid game leads on their mid and bot laners, but in late game team battles MAD’s overwhelming lead at the top was too much as Nisqy and Carzzy had enough time to scale and overcome KOI’s small lead over them.

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Grand Finale

G2 v. MAD

Game 1: G2 win

G2: Kled; Maokai; Cassiopeia; Varus; Heimerdinger
MAD: Jayce; Gragas; Marleen; Sivir; Ashe

The top of G2 steadily built a lead and Mikyx roamed the map to help G2’s jobs. G2 were much more proactive on objectives, leading to Cloud Soul and a Baron push for game.

Game 2: G2 win

MAD: Fiora; Sejuani; Cassiopeia; Varus; Braum
G2: Jax; Gragas; Kled; Samira; Jarvan IV

A big early bot lane lead for Hans Sama because of a double kill, and G2 used their early pressure across the lanes very well, although Chasy won at the top. Yike and Hans Sama built huge leads and MAD could not hit them in team fights.

Game 3: G2 win

MAD: Jayce; Wukong; Gragas; Zeri; Yuumi
G2: Olaf; Vi; Taliyah; Sivir; Heimerdinger

MAD won early at the top of the map, while G2 won via bot. Mikyx used this advantage to roam the map and help his lanes. MAD put up a convincing fight, but when G2’s front to back comp was well online, Hans Sama seemed unstoppable.

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With the Winter Split now in the books, all eyes are on the Spring Split, which starts as early as March 11.

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