Last line before the mint of Stables, the PMU fantasy game


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Stables will announce the date of its mint next week. His NFTsold between 50 and 250 euros, will be used in a game which is much more than the ” Sorare of the equestrian world “as explained by the PMU’s Director of Innovation à

The race is about to be on. After the opening of the whitelist on January 9, 2023, Stables, the project launched by PMU and 321founders on the Tezos blockchain, will announce next week a date for the mint of its first NFT collection equine.

This “Generation Alpha” will allow access later this year to the alpha test of a game still unpublished, halfway between the classic gaming and fantasy sports. But while some of the performance within the entertainment will be related to the actual performance of the horses to which the NFTs are linked, Stables does not want to be labelled as ” Sorare of the equestrian world “.

It is difficult to compare racehorses and soccer players, who are likely to play every weekend. A horse can have a much more choppy career. Also, to the real dimension, we will add a dose of gameplay, with the choice of accessories or strategies that can modify the performance of the horses. But we also want to shed light on other aspects of the sector, by allowing players to immerse themselves in the life of a stud farm, for example, and to manage the reproduction of horses,” says Constantin Garreau.

With this project, the Director of Innovation of Pari Mutuel Urbain does not target the turfistsbut wants to embark new communities in its universe

“We want to create value, not deport existing value by recruiting punters. With Stables, we reach crypto communitiesbut also gaming communities, while offering new experiences to horse lovers who are not interested in betting,” says Constantin Garreau.

A major project for the Tezos blockchain

Building on the France Galop and Le Trot licenseStables is therefore intended to address the largest number of people, as evidenced by the price of NFTs, which should not represent an “insurmountable barrier”, given the market conditions. Even if this means that the project will change its focus from what was announced when the whitelist was opened. Initially, the product of this first collection was to be be used to finance the rewards won by in-game players. Finally, this sum will be dedicated to the animation of the communitythrough the organization of events, but also through giveaway. “We will also store a portion of this amount to show our investment in the community Tezos “, says the Director of Innovation, who assures that the financing of the game will be taken care of by the PMU.

For Hadrien ZerahPresident of Nomadic Lab, this project “brings incredible exposure to the ecosystem Tezosbut also credibility, since such uses will highlight the efficiency of our infrastructure. An infrastructure that is also about to undergo major changes.

The launch of Stables in March will coincide with a blockchain updatewhich will allow all third parties to create layers 2 in order to offer better performance, “on the order of a million transactions per second, in addition to the secure and decentralized character proper to a blockchain,” says the leader of the Tezos lab.

One month after the whitelist was announced, the project claims 15,000 registrations and has gathered nearly 20,000 people on social networks. Moreover, PMU reaffirms through this initiative its will to to embrace innovations related to blockchain, not simply “to make a marketing argument out of it or to seek buzz, but to invest in this industry and explore the field of possibilities,” according to its Chief Innovation Officer, who mentions the possibility of finding the virtual horses represented by Stables’ NFTs in immersive “metaverse” virtual environments. As for the Stables Point which will be earned via the mechanisms “ play to earn The game’s “play to earn” features could one day have other uses than those planned in-game. Constantin Garreau reminds us that the PMU “does not forbid itself anything”. Including becoming a PSAN one day.

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