Lamborghini releases two new bikes in September -.

Most people know Lamborghini for its supercars, but the Italian car brand is also finding time to create and launch a collection of other products, including road bikes. To that end, after launching a collection of bikes last year, Lamborghini has now announced two more bikes , which will be launched and delivered in September.

The bikes are known as the Racemax x Automobili Lamborghini and the Strada x Automobili Lamborghini, and both are designed to be fast and light, as you would expect for a company that specializes in building supercars.

It is said that each bike is built with 3T carbon components and wheels and is modeled and inspired by Lamborghini’s sports cars for their choice of colors.

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As for how much these bikes will sell for, the Racemax starts at £9,899.99 and the Strada starts at £8,999.99.

Lamborghini releases two new bikes in September

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