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Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and Blackwing Gaming are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Kuroi Tsubasa, a colorful and polished graphic novel to be released on June 2, 2023.

Fans of this genre will be launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, and it will be interesting to note that the game was developed by a community of gamers who had a special fondness for graphic novels that skillfully contributed artists, musicians and so on.

A graphic novel is essentially based on a strong storyline and an interesting cast, and Kuroi Tsubasa has sealed it all beautifully. What makes this story engaging is the huge cast of characters with extremely different problems. Kuroi Tsubasa is designed to be relatable to specific fears and traumas, offering relief to those who can relate. Bullying, poverty, the crushing weight of high expectations, and so on. Discussing these issues and finding ways to deal with them ensures that the story moves forward while being interesting and thoughtful.

The story

Blackwing, the main character, a literal devil, escaped from hell because his grandfather told him that the mortal realm is much more fun. However, because he is not that smart (but thinks he is), he failed to control his evil powers, which manifest as “shadow,” which possesses people and causes chaos. The shadow can only possess people with emotional problems by promising to fulfill their wishes – which then become twisted and dark. To prevent more accidents from happening, Blackwing needs a vessel of strong positive emotions, which he finds in the form of a hug from office worker Kureha. Blackwing and her band work together on their quest to defeat the shadow and help those in need (e.g., Kureha thinks Blackwing just wants to lounge around). Throughout the story, the shadow possesses several people, all of whom Kureha and Blackwing must help. The solutions are strictly non-combat, as the shadow can only possess people with trauma and deep-seated emotional problems, so by working them out, Kureha and Blackwing can drive the shadow away.

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Kureha is the main heroine and second protagonist of the game. She is an office lady in her early twenties and is bullied at work. Her colleagues hate her, her supervisor is a mean bully and Kureha literally has no confidence. She is shy and timid, but also has a crazy side. After Blackwing gives her the power to transform into a magical girl, complete with a striped dress, her life takes a sharp 180° turn. Among other things, being a magical girl allows her to read other people’s emotional states.

A tangled web of intrigue

Although Kuroi Tsubasa is intrinsically linear and there is only one ending (and one secret, unlockable ending that serves as an epilogue), there are several choices the player can make that provide additional scenes, high-quality CG art or background information about the characters. A nice example is Tanaka’s side story.

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He acts as a minor antagonist, but by choosing the right choices over the course of most of the game, the player can learn much more about him, experience his failing love life and generally laugh at his antics. This increases replayability, but for those who only want to experience one particular story, players do not have to restart the game over and over again to experience a satisfying ending.

Kuroi Tsubasa offers everything and much more with its eye-catching looks and cleverly conceived and interesting cast.

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