Goalgetter World Cup demo available during Steam Next Fest – That’s Gaming

Independent development studio netmin games has announced that the demo version of Goalgetter, which includes the 2022 and 1954 World Cup tournaments, will be live on Steam today through Oct. 16 as part of Steam’s Next Festival.

Goalgetter is a comprehensive soccer career simulator that allows you to fulfill your dream of becoming a top striker in major European leagues. As a young and talented striker, you can secure your place through intensive training or other means, while also managing your personal life choices, financial investments and career decisions.

The game offers extensive content, including the ability to replay historic World Cup tournaments, play in more than 50 leagues worldwide and customize various aspects of the game world. It features impressive 3D graphics, detailed statistics and engaging interactions with teammates and other characters.

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You have endless opportunities to shape your career, from improving skills to making crucial choices, and even experiencing life off the field. Goalgetter provides a rich and immersive soccer experience for players, making it a must-try simulation game.

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