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In partnership with Pie for Breakfast Studios, Mega Cat Studio is launching a brand new Kickstarter campaign for Kudzu – the latest retro homebrew for the original Game Boy! With a look reminiscent of old-school action-adventure RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, it is packed with modern elements. Fans of classic games can look forward to a refreshing new take on the genre, and it’s coming to Kickstarter on May 25, 2023.

Kudzu is a non-linear isometric game about a lowly gardener who is thrust into an adventure to rescue his mentor from the clutches of a world-destroying plant! Playing as Max, you set out to explore the mysteries of the new Kudzu species surrounding your camp. Prepare to battle dangerous creatures such as insects, lizards, snakes, rats and more! Navigate through dangerous environmental hazards and solve treacherous puzzles to advance! Use your arsenal of garden tools to clear a path and explore devastated fields, gardens, forests, villas and mountains. Developed using the GB Studio 2.0 engine, choose to play on the original Game Boy with a physical cartridge or take on the challenge on the Analogue Pocket or even in your browser!

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We caught James Deighan, founder of Mega Cat Studios, while pruning his bonsai tree in his backyard. He had this to say, “Games take inspiration from real-world activities and turn them into something fantastic, like gardening or even invasive species we fight against worldwide, like the kudzu vine. As game developers, we love transforming the mundane into something extraordinary. We are excited to partner with Pie for Breakfast Studios because they share our vision of making great games that put creativity and fun first.”

Developer Chris Totten said, “Kudzu is a love letter to classic GameBoy games like Link’s Awakening and Pokemon. It takes you into a world full of danger, mystery and excitement. Backers will be delighted with our rewards, ranging from physical copies of the game, dioramas, goat hugs and even custom-made machetes to tackle Kudzu in the real world!”

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Kudzu is scheduled for release in late 2023, and we can’t wait to see the fruits of the work the developers have put into the game. In addition to an array of great rewards for backers, fans can enter a contest to win a prototype copy of the game at Gleam: https://gleam.io/ouGGk/win-a-copy-of-kudzu-a-brand-new-original-game-for-gameboy

Check out the link to the kickstarter page below: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/megacatstudios/kudzu-a-brand-new-game-for-the-original-gameboy

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