Kia charges your electric car wherever you are: how the service is possible, where

The carmaker is working with Currently to provide on-demand charging for Kia electric vehicle owners.

When your Kia electric vehicle runs out of power, you can now order a technician to arrive with a battery and charge it for you. The carmaker is partnering with Currently, a mobile application to charge electric vehicles on demand, to serve Kia customers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose. Although there is no shortage of public chargers in these cities, San Jose has the largest number of public chargers per capita in the US, Kia uses these three cities only as a launch pad.

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To use the service, simply download the Currently app and book a time and place to upload. A Currently Technician will then arrive at your location with a portable charging system. Drivers should not be present during loading, but should ensure that their port of loading can be accessed by their technician.

The manufacturer plans to expand the service

As part of the partnership, Kia customers will receive two months of free service from Currently. After the trial period, subscriptions currently range from $ 25 per month for two uploads to $ 80 per month for six uploads. But it is important to note that charging will be enough to cover 90 kilometers and may vary depending on your specific vehicle.

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Unfortunately, if you are ever stuck on the highway, it is best to turn to the roadside assistance service. Currently, it does not send its technicians on highways. Although it is unlikely that all drivers will want to regularly charge mobile electric vehicles, especially in the large markets of electric vehicles with heavy public chargers, it may be convenient for those who have time or are in an emergency.

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