Kazakhstan reaffirms its “neutrality” in foreign policy and calls for “unity and harmony”.

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Kazakh President Kasim Khomart Tokayev reaffirmed Tuesday his “neutrality” in foreign policy, especially in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and stressed the importance of “unity and harmony” for the country.

With this policy, he has explained, Kazakhstan “seeks to adhere to a neutral political position to maintain peace with neighboring states and within the country,” he has pointed out, according to a speech collected by the Presidency. “At this difficult time, when the situation has been aggravated by sanctions and confrontation between powers, it is especially important to maintain consensus among the population,” he said.

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“The source of our prosperity is our unity. These words have a deep meaning. Prosperity implies economy, and political unity. We can grow and develop only if we maintain these things. We do not need external or internal enemies, so we adhere to our neutral stance,” he has maintained.

In this regard, he has described the current global geopolitical situation as “complicated” and pointed out that Kazakhstan’s foreign policy aims to “provide more favorable conditions.”

“The interests of Kazakhstan and our people are at the center of efforts in the international sphere. We fight for the supremacy of international law and the UN Charter, and we consider it extremely important to strengthen the principles of justice in the framework of international relations,” he pointed out.

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Tokayev has used the occasion to assure that the Kazakh policy “will continue to show itself balanced, multidirectional and constructive” and has argued that neutrality “is in the national interest,” especially when casting its vote before international bodies and organizations such as the UN. “The most important thing is territorial integrity and the welfare of peoples,” he added.

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