JUNIOR Esports presents the contest “Wild Recycling”.

JUNIOR Esports, an educational and technological project involving schools from all over Spain (between 14 and 18 years old and vocational training), is once again committed to sustainability and the preservation of the environment through the contestWild Recycling.” which is carried out with the collaboration of VARTA Consumer Batteriesofficial partner of Season 7.

The objective of this initiative is to promote the recycling of used batteries among the students participating in the project. From JUNIOR Esports y VARTAVARTA has opened a path towards the future with the objective of achieving a more sustainable environment, transmitting the need for students, teachers and parents to get involved in this project.

In line with the ‘VARTA LOVES GAMECHANGERS’ concept, we want to encourage students to get actively involved in recycling and sustainability. The ‘Wild Recycling’ campaign lays the foundation for students to become aware that our raw materials are not finite and that we must take good care of our planet and nature. And environmental awareness is doubly rewarded in this case, as there are great prizes to be won.

Ronja Schoenherr, marketing coordinator of VARTA in Spain

Recycling has a prize

Participants in the Wild Recycling” ContestThe “Wild Recycling Contest” will require them to recycle as many used batteries as possible. Recycling Boxes which provides the Ecolec Foundation and will be set up in each participating educational center. The initiative will be present throughout the school year and will have 2 editions:

  • I Edition (from October to December).
  • II Edition (February to April 2024).
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After each contest, the collection and counting of the discarded units will begin. The three schools in each edition that collect the most batteries will receive a prize for their ecological and sustainable work:

  • 1st place: 2.000€ (exchangeable for technological material) + 30 packs of VARTA products.
  • 2nd place: 1.000€ (exchangeable for technological material).
  • 3rd place: 500€ (exchangeable for technological material).

Finally, all the batteries collected will be deposited at a recycling point thanks to the collaboration of the Ecolec Foundationwhose mission is efficient management from an environmental, economic and social point of view.

Batteries are the most polluting fraction of our household waste. When they are thrown away together with household waste, they lose their cover, their corrosion process is accelerated and they release the metals they contain, which seep into the soil, passing into the water layers and reaching the rivers and the air with the consequent damage and increase in pollution. This type of initiative serves to alleviate misinformation, one of the reasons for not recycling. It is estimated that the activity linked to recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, as well as batteries, contributed to the generation of about 1.23 billion euros of gross value added (GVA) in the Spanish economy in 2021.

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Requirements and registration

In the Wild Recycling” Contest“contest, the following will be enabled 50 places in each edition for schools that participate in the competitions and/or initiatives of JUNIOR Esports. The first to register will be selected and will have the opportunity to compete in the activity.

The schools interested in the initiative can register through this link and during the following deadlines:

  • I Edition: It is already available and the registration process closes on October 20.
  • II Edition: Dates to be confirmed.

A project that goes beyond

JUNIOR Esports is a project focused on gaming and based on a system of 16 fundamental values. The aim is to foster education and personal development both inside and outside the classroom: through competition and multiple social initiatives, students are taught to make a responsible and controlled use of video games. Season 7 of JUNIOR Esports is possible thanks to the support of first level publishers, such as. Riot Gamesand internationally recognized brands such as Intel and VARTA Consumer Batteries.

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