JPMorgan reportedly ends relationship with Kanye West, rapper says he’s happy to speak openly about being “canceled by a bank”

The hip-hop star and rapper has been accused of making anti-Semitic statements lately, and some of his tweets have been deleted from Twitter.

Political commentator Candace Owens shares an alleged letter from JPMorgan to Kanye West, the letter ends the relationship between the bank and the rapper.

The American rapper Ye (Kanye West) has been facing a lot of criticism lately. While one of West’s tweets says; “Who you think created cancel culture?” on October 9, more recent tweets were deleted from the celebrity’s Twitter profile. Additionally, Ye has been controversial for recently wearing a “White Lives Matter“. In a tweet shared by on October 7, Ye shared an image of a hat with the words “2024“, which could allude to a new attempt to run for the presidency of the United States.

After all the controversy surrounding the Atlanta-born musician, political commentator Candace Owens posted a tweet in which she shared a letter Ye reportedly received from financial giant JPMorgan.

Earlier in the day, I learned that [Kanye West] was officially fired from JP Morgan Chase Bank,“Owens tweeted Wednesday. “I was told that there was no official reason given, but they also sent this letter to confirm that he has until the end of November to find another place for the Yeezy empire to move to.

Owens added:

We have reached extremely scary times in this country. Who are what has brought us to this time is an ongoing discussion that I would like to open.

Kanye West responds and says he’s happy to bring the issue of bank cancellations to the forefront of conversations

Following Owens’ tweet, The New York Times’ Dealbook confirmed the authenticity of the letter. Kanye West also shared commentary on the situation with Page Six and noted that he was happy to have crossed the line. “Hey, if you call someone out on a bad deal, that means you’re an anti-Semite,” the rapper noted. “I feel happy that I crossed the line on that idea so I can talk openly about things like being canceled by a bank“.

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Kanye West’s story comes on the heels of Paypal’s recent terms of service report, when the company sent out a terms of service (ToS) change by mistake. A copy of Paypal’s ToS stated that the company would fine users $2,500 for spreading what the company calls “erroneous information“. However, Paypal retracted its statement after the social media reaction and said that the usage policy was published in error. The payment company stated that:”An AUP notice was recently sent out in error and contained incorrect information.

The research “Delete Paypal” on the Internet jumped by 1,400%. after Paypal’s ToS confusion. Meanwhile, crypto-currency supporters on the Reddit r/bitcoin forum said that Kanye West should move to a censorship-resistant currency like bitcoin (BTC). A Redditor wrote:

I’m not into pop culture or celebrities, but this situation represents a colossal opportunity. If this guy responded to JPMorgan on social media and just said, ” Fuck the banks, I’m going to switch to bitcoin “, this would draw attention to bitcoin.

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