Jony Ive, designer of the first iPhone, has created a red clown nose that folds up. VIDEO

Since leaving Apple, Jony Ive hasn’t attracted much attention from the general public, with his creations on the design side less popular than the phones, watches, headphones and computers he “designed” in the past. But it seems that one of his creations has gained some momentum online: a red clown nose. It’s not just a sponge ball, like any ordinary clown nose, but a collapsible nose made from eco-friendly materials.

Jony Ive, responsible for Apple products for the past 30 years, has released a red clown nose

Jony Ive made a red nose for Comic Relief, a UK charity, which is symbolic of the charity’s work. This nose is meticulously made from paper and other plant-based materials so that it can be folded and unfolded easily. The paper is folded with a honeycomb shape, and the nose clip area has a system that allows the nose to be locked in the desired position. Just as many Apple products seem to be “designed” perhaps too much in detail, choosing design over user experience, this nose seems to fall into the same extreme.

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The nose is available to buy in the UK for £2.5, and the money is being used by Comic Relief to support its charities. However, each customer can only buy a maximum of 8 pieces until 17 March, which is the official Red Nose Day. In addition to the charity’s website, the nose will also be available on Amazon, which appears to be Comic Relief’s ‘new home’.

Comic Relief was founded in 1985, and over the past nearly 40 years has raised £1.5 billion in charitable donations. In 2022 alone it raised £42 million.

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Apple fans who preferred Jony Ive’s designs in the past can now buy the famous designer’s first commercial product since he left Apple in 2019. His design projects of late have been collaborations with famous brands such as Ferrari and Airbnb, but these have not resulted in products that customers can buy directly.

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