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Scrabble, the iconic word game that has thrilled millions around the world for decades, celebrates its 75th anniversary today on World Scrabble Day.

Scrabble is the brainchild of Alfred Mosher Butts, an American architect with a passion for words. The game saw the light of day in 1948 and today is loved by young and old alike. The counter currently stands at 165 million games sold. Scrabble has stood the test of time with verve and is one of the most beloved and successful board games ever. That success rests on a simple principle: it’s not about how many words you know, but how you put them on the board.

The iconic thinking game of letters and words continues to reinvent itself with dynamic innovations that welcome a new look that embraces all players, old fans and newcomers alike. And Scrabble continues to generate worldwide enthusiasm with its latest expansions such as Scrabble Junior, Scrabble Trap Tiles and Scrabble Vision, which brings augmented reality to the game. The brand will continue to succeed in the future by continuing to join forces with favorites such as Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Ray Adler, Vice President and Global Head of Games at Mattel: “The 75th anniversary of the groundbreaking strategic word game Scrabble is a joyous moment for us. After all these years, Scrabble is still one of the most iconic board games in the world because the game makes meaningful connections between people of all generations and allows everyone to express themselves freely thanks to the power of words. That sentiment comes full circle thanks to all those players having fun by simply forming words on a board together. On this special day, we hope you too will have fun with Scrabble that transcends words!”

In the United Kingdom, for the 75th anniversary of Scrabble and the coronation of King Charles III, who also turns 75 this year, leading milliner Justin Smith created a crown from Scrabble cubes. The Crown of St. Edward, featuring the world-famous British crown jewels, was his inspiration for the occasion. The playful creation by the British milliner, known for his couture headwear for Hollywood stars and VIPs such as Angelina Jolie, Emma Thompson and Amal Clooney, can be admired in London from World Scrabble Day on April 13 until the coronation ceremony on May 6.

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In France, ghostwordartist (or slameuse in French) Chloe M wrote an ode to Scrabble. On the occasion of the anniversary of her favorite board game, the gifted word artist puts her love for the French langue vivante in the paint with a Scrabble slam In front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

We invite all Scrabble fans around the world to share their most striking Scrabble moments with others under the hashtag #75yearsofScrabble.

In honor of its 75th anniversary, the special commemorative edition of Scrabble will be released this summer. It is the most luxurious version ever, made of more durable materials than any previous edition, with a wooden box and block boards with espresso splashes, wooden letter pads and a game board on a swivel base.

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Scrabble is now available in 30 languages and 120 countries around the world, with Ukrainian the newest addition since 2006. For the visually impaired, there is also a version in Braille. Scrabble celebrates this milestone in its history and looks forward to delighting players around the world for another 75 years with fun that transcends words.

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