It can be worth waiting for a new purchase

(Image: Apple)

(Image: Apple)

Those interested in buying a new iPad Pro or wanting to upgrade are better off waiting if they can. Rumors suggest that the next generation is not far away and will bring significant upgrades.

OLED and M3 could ensure very long battery life

According to a report by The Elec, Apple is planning to launch the first iPad Pros OLED screens already in Spring 2024 to publish. Even the development of a Macbook with the same display technology is said to have been postponed.

This replaces the mini-LED display technology currently used in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The biggest advantage of this was an improved contrast and higher brightness.

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An OLED screen should further improve the contrast and color fidelity significantly, but there are also concerns that the maximum brightness could drop as a result. Apple is rumored to counteract this by using so-called »Two-Stack-OLEDs” set.

Two Stack OLEDs are displays that consist of two OLED layers stacked on top of each other and offer improved brightness, color representation and a reduced risk of burn-in compared to conventional OLED displays.

In addition, the new iPad Pro could be thinner thanks to the new screen technology, although current models are already very thin.

It is also speculated that the upcoming iPad Pros will use the new M3 chip from Apple using an advanced 3-nanometer manufacturing process.

In combination with OLED screens, this will lead to a significant increase in energy efficiency, since OLEDs offer the possibility of deactivating black areas and thus saving energy and improving contrast.

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Compared to the M2 chip, the M3 chip is expected to work much more efficiently, resulting in a special long battery life should lead.

If you can do without these pro features and are only looking for a good multimedia tablet, you can save a lot of money with a standard iPad:

Are you planning to get an iPad Pro or are you planning an upgrade? Are these two arguments reason enough to wait for the next generation or have you already bought the current one and are completely satisfied? What features do you wish for the next iPad Pros? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comments!

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