Israel’s president travels to Germany to support victims of the Munich bombing at the Olympic Games

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog left Sunday for Germany on a three-day official trip to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and commemorate the 1972 Munich Olympic Games massacre.

Herzog is scheduled to address the Bundestag, the German Parliament, where he will reveal his “diplomatic thoughts on the main agenda items, including the Iranian nuclear program,” according to a statement from the Israeli Presidency office reported by ‘The Times of Israel’.

“I will participate in the memorial together with the families of the murdered athletes, Germany’s top leaders and officials of the Israel Olympic Committee. I will represent the people of Israel and the State of Israel,” Herzog said in the statement.

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Monday will mark half a century since an attack in which a group of Palestinian terrorists attacked members of the Israeli Olympic team. Eleven members of this delegation were killed and one police officer lost his life in the failed rescue operation launched at an air base.

The German government reached an agreement Wednesday with Israeli authorities to compensate the victims of the massacre after decades of litigation that finally concluded with the apparent consensus of both sides, DPA reported.

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