Is a love letter to ’90s survival horror and announces release date – That’s Gaming

The highly anticipated You Will Die Here Tonight launches Oct. 31, 2023 with blood-curdling first-person combat and top-down exploration in a love letter to survival-horror games of the 1990s. Spiral Bound Interactive’s debut title arrives on Steam.

Jon Williams and Alex Schearer joined forces after more than 15 years each in AAA development, with titles such as Red Dead Redemption and Superliminal, and created You Will Die Here Tonight as a love letter to such pioneers as Resident Evil (1996) and The House of the Dead (1996).

Enter Breckenridge Estate as ARIES Division, a team of six hunting for a ferocious killer, and navigate the mansion from six different angles. Solve puzzles. Clear out supplies. Upgrade your equipment. Survive the hellish inhabitants of Breckenridge Estate and when running is no longer an option, seamlessly switch to full 3D first-person combat, aim and pray you don’t miss!

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